Adelarte, nonprofit nongovernmental organization, has been set up in 2017 in order to allow actors from various origins and with various competencies to build together, through art, local lasting and sustainable solutions in order to face global stakes.

We gather international volunteers to set up multidisciplinary teams that work on sustainable development projects with vulnerable communities using art as vector.

On the one hand, the United Nations Program for Development reports on Millennium Development Goals enlighten the inequity between people regarding their ability to satisfy their primary needs as millions of humans still die from undernourishment or consequences of air and water contamination. On the other hand, global warming is threatening population with extinction due to drought, flood or environmental contaminations. To finish with, the disparity of access to education depending on regions of the word and sex leads to unequal people, and thus nation, development.

These issues are not fatalities and each and everyone could act in order to face them

To solve those issues, there is a real need for awareness, solidarity and openminding. Adelarte thus offer international work camp contributing to sustainable development of disadvantaged areas. Actions are related to access to water, electricity, education, food, the conservation of ancestral cultures, the environment….

Cohabitation and art allow to create social cohesion through cultural exchanges, to learn from each other. Furthermore, multidisciplinary and intercultural teams have holistic vision and the multiplication of ideas and techniques entail complete, realistic and sustainable solutions.

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