Adelarte trusts in art to go forward.


Art has no frontier, it offers dialog possibilities going beyond language barrier. It allows to develop awareness and facilitates involvement. Art is a vector of collective experimentation and personal development stimulating self esteem​


In order to encourage students to express themselves and be proud of theri culture, we create with them theater plays based on wayuu tales.

Each year we propose a 3 months program divided like this:

- 4 sessions of initiation to theater in order to make student comprehend the basis of theater and identify the futur actors 

- 1 month to analyse the tale and get everyone to agree on expectations. During this month we seperate children in 2 teams: actors; decorators and costum designers . Plays are set up through improvision exercices and scenery are created collectively.

- last 3 sessions are dedicated to repetition in front of scenery and design of costums​

In 2018, 8 classes from 6th to 9th grade (about 70 kids) presented a commun play based on “Ni era vaca ni era caballo” of Miguel Ángel Jusayú. The show's video is available here:

In 2019, 8 wayuu tales have been adapted by 9 classes: 6 as plays, 1 as a stopmotion movie and 1 as a puppetshow. 

Other plays have been presented to kids by Adelarte volunteers and ths college educative team in order to increase environment awareness

- "Los cuentos de la buena pipa" argentinian tales

- "El cazador de tortuga" tale wayuu about turtle fishing regulation

- "El arbol de la lluvia" tale  wayuu about the importance of water and palabreros (conflict solvers) in wayuu culture

- "Una gota de Agua" or the colibris legend has been presented for the Earthday​

Graffic arts

Grafic arts are also also used a lot.

Murals about wayuu culture and environment have been painted in the college 

Drawing workshops have been proposed

Eco constructed rooms have been decorated with shellfish and plastic cork

A wayuunaiki lesson has been drawn as a comic


Thanks to our volunteers' talents, kids express themselves through music. Workshop of drums and singing allow kids to be more confident in themselves.

In 2019 our friends from "The SoulFire Project" , made a show in the college. You could find a resume of their venue here. 

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